About Neytap

Neytap is the place to find rooms, houses and apartments for rent in Greater Jakarta. The website is an attempt to scratch my own itch. For the curious, the word neytap originates from an Indonesian word "menetap", which means "to stay" or "to settle".

me·ne·tap v bertempat tinggal tetap (di); bermukim di: banyak orang asing ~ di kota dagang itu; ada yg pulang ke kampung halamannya, ada pula yg ~ di kota-kota; Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia

"menetap" is a mouthful word so I trimmed it to "netap". To make the pronunciation similar for both Indonesian-speaking and English-speaking tongues, I added "y" in the middle.

This is the first release of Neytap, publicly released on 20-11-2011.